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N    A    V    I    S



2023-2024 School Year

Preschool thru 8th Grade


Dare to explore

Imagine a learning experience unlike anything you had as a child.  


Imagine a school with swing chairs and study blocks instead of desks.  Imagine travelling to locations throughout the city each week to learn by experience, not from a workbook.  Imagine learning math and language by building a sail boat, and a test in the form of setting it out to water.  As a child, what if you could master your skills by teaching other children what you already know?  What if your study of biology consisted of visiting a marine biologist in Santa Monica and your study of archeology came from an archeologist at the Natural History Museum?  What if your learning path was guided mostly by you and what you found interesting in the world?  What if your Learning Plan was tailored to fit your unique way of learning? Can you imagine a school where emotional aptitude was as highly regarded as academic excellence, and arithmetic was equal in importance to entrepreneurship?  Would you take a course on "Human Happiness" if it were available?


Is this school hard to imagine?

Would you attend?

Time to set sail.

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