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Signature Programs

Financial Literacy

Variety of Coins

At Argo Navis Los Angeles, the classroom becomes a microcosm of our students’ larger communities as they work monthly jobs, save money in their bank accounts, pay taxes, create budgets and learn the value of financial planning. 


As students gain an understanding of basic money management, topics advance to include stocks and bonds, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and compound interest (see standards below). Our goal is that when students graduate from high school they will fully understand how money works and the steps needed to ensure financial success and stability in their own lives.

Argo Navis School’s Financial Literacy Program is based on research from the following programs:


  • Money As You Grow- President’s Advisory Council On Financial Capability

  • FDIC Money Smart For Young Adults Curriculum

  • Jump$tart Coalition for National Standards

  • Scholastic



·       Saving vs Spending

·       Working to Earn Money

·       Want vs Need

Elementary (6-10 years)

·       Money Values

·       Philanthropy

·       Smart Money Choices

·       Comparison Shopping

·       Protecting Your Money

Middle School (11-13 years)

High School (14-18 years)

·       Percentage Savings (long-term planning)

·       Money Earns Interest

·       Credit Cards and Loans

·       Banks

·       History of Money

·       Stocks, Bonds, And Cash

·       Investing-Risks and Rewards

·       Money Management and Planning

·       Basic Accounting

·       Entrepreneurship

·       Savings/CD/Real Estate

·       Compound Interest

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