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Vegetarian Kitchen


There is magic in the food we eat. Avocados help build healthy brains and blueberries boost your immunity! 


Argo Navis offers a vegetarian diet aligned with USDA standards for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. We offer fresh, wholesome, mostly organic, vegetarian food at every meal to nourish your child's mind, body, and spirit. Our menu is seasonal and locally purchased whenever possible. 


We are not a sugar-free school – we believe in balance to create a healthy relationship with food. 


As we are conscious of empowering students to develop healthy eating habits, our vegetarian kitchen is closely connected to our culinary arts, environmental sustainability program, and global education curriculum. 


When our students virtually travel to different places each month from around the world, they experience a variety of cuisines from these places at lunch. Chef Carrie Hartman scouts the very best ingredients in Los Angeles to ensure students taste authentic spices from around the globe.

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