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About July Menu 2022…

Country of Study = France

DF = Dairy Free, GF = Gluten Free


Pizza: Cheese pizza delivered from local pizza shop: Alfredo’s, (GF): gluten free cheese pizza, (DF): peanut butter and jelly sandwich


Mixed Salad (GF): Romaine salad with tortilla chips and pepitas dressed with southwest ranch dressing, (DF/Corn Free): alternative vegetable such as carrots


Broccoli & Cheese Quiche: French classic: savory egg custard with broccoli and cheese inside a pastry crust, (DF/GF): French omelet


Salad Nicoise (DF/GF): French salad with baby potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, chickpeas, and olives on a bed of baby greens dressed with a shallot-mustard vinaigrette


Black Bean Enchilada Casserole (GF): Black beans, corn, and bell peppers, layered between corn tortillas topped with enchilada sauce and cheese, (DF): dairy free cheese


French Lentils and Sausage (DF): French lentil stew with vegetarian sausage, (GF): omit sausage


Vegetable Gratin: Cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots baked in a bechamel sauce, (DF/GF): omit bechamel sauce


Croque Monsieur: French cheese sandwich, (GF/DF): dairy free grilled cheese on gluten free bread


Cucumber Salad (GF): French salad of cucumbers in a lemon-yogurt dressing with mint, (DF): omit yogurt


Carrot Salad (GF/DF): French salad of shredded carrots dressed in a lemon vinaigrette