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Signature Programs

Oceanography & Scuba

Coral Reef

Seventy percent of our world is water! Every year over 2,000 new marine life species are discovered in our oceans. To help our students truly explore the incredible aquatic ecosystems right outside our door, we introduce our Argo Navis students to sailing and scuba diving through age-appropriate programs that bring them ever closer to the natural world around them. Our math and science teachers work with PADI-certified instructors and biologists to ensure state standards in math, physics, and science are applied into all of our oceanography classes.

Scuba Divers

Starting in Kindergarten students attend the Waterfront Education (WE) field study program which provides unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) educational experiences on the marine environment and its conservation. Classes foster innovation and a creative approach to technology while utilizing our local ocean waters as a natural classroom. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Ocean Literacy Principles are emphasized while creating memorable hands-on learning adventures designed to spark the imagination and create a lifelong curiosity and love of the ocean.

In 3rd and 4th grade students begin their sailing and scuba diving lessons. As they advance through these programs and learn through proactive discovery, they become strong decision makers and progressively gain confidence in their abilities. As students explore the world together in an environment filled with kelp, exotic life, and the largest mammals on our planet they learn how magnificent our world truly is. Our students become conservationists and stewards of the environment because they've had time to listen to the waves and feel the wind on their faces.

In High School students will use their skills from these classes and their design and engineering studies to build their very own sailboat. They will be the captain of a journey that will be theirs for the making as they edge closer and closer to adulthood. This educational experience, that of constant curiosity and adventure, starts in elementary school and continues for a lifetime.

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