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A R G O   N A V I S

"...the most powerful gift we can give our children is an environment where they can find joy in learning."

Welcome to Argo Navis!

About Us

Argo Navis is a place where parents, children, and early education experts partner to provide exceptional learning opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment that:

1) Promotes responsible citizenship and respect of people, things, and places
2) Fosters risk-taking
3) Is student-led and teacher facilitated 
4) Creates high expectations of students' goals and aspirations 
5) Values play, process, and partnership
6) Believes in the benefit of outdoor learning experiences

Argo Navis is a school that will challenge your kids AND nurture them, a place that will value them as individuals AND teach them to collaborate; a place where they will learn to read, count, write AND are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and create.  Argo Navis values nutrition and offers a vegetarian diet in-line with USDA standards providing the energy and nutrients young bodies and minds need to grow and develop. Argo Navis students spend 50% of school time learning outside in nature. They find joy in learning.

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