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Individualized Learning Plans and Assessment

Every student learns differently and deserves an environment that values learning through multiple modalities. Students are rarely at the same level in every subject and topic at the same time. They deserve the opportunity to move forward with more challenging work and to be given extra time to grasp topics they need additional support in.  


Argo Navis believes every child is uniquely gifted and benefits from individual and team project work. It is our job to partner with families and allow students to explore their interests, introduce meaningful topics to be discovered, and create a learning environment where every student is empowered.

Multiple Theory of Intelligences

Developed by Dr. Howard Gardner professor of education at Harvard University 
How does your child learn? Let's find out and provide them with the best start to lifelong learning.

Starting at 3½ years students receive an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) at the beginning of each school year. We conduct a range of cognitive, behavioral, social-emotional, and developmental assessments to guide each student's ILP and create a map of what the students' learning goals and objectives are for the upcoming school year. ILPs are created and shared with everyone on that student’s team: teachers, family members, and the students themselves. Everyone on the team, especially the student, has a part in creating the ILP to ensure objectives are clear and actionable. Teachers utilize a shared information tracking system to ensure students stay on target while also assisting them in areas where they require more support.

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