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Legend of the Ship


    egend has it, Argo Navis (translating to the Ship Argo) was the first vessel to sail the seas.  In Greek mythology, the legendary figure, Jason, arrived in Iolcus to claim the throne of the kingdom as the rightful heir.  King Pelias agreed to turn over the kingdom if Jason could find and return the fabled Golden Fleece from the far edge of the known world.

At the time, no ship had ever been built to sail the open sea.  With the help of the goddess Athena (goddess of wisdom), a new ship was designed which would enable the longest sea voyage never before seen.

With the inspiration of Athena, a ship builder named Argos built the first ship of its kind and given his namesake, The Argo.



The ship was built from sturdy oak from the sacred forest called the Forest of Dodona, known for its powers of prophecy and mysticism.  The wood itself imbued the ship with magical powers, such as the ability to speak and produce its own prophecies.  The Argo itself would often provide guidance for Jason and his crew as they sailed in search of the Golden Fleece.


As heroic figures arrived from all over Greece to compete for the opportunity to be aboard this expeditionary adventure, Jason chose his crew carefully, knowing them fondly as the Argonauts.

When City Kids School opened in 2015, after much searching for the perfect location, we found a gem in LA on Cochran and 8th street. The house was covered in flora and fauna and sitting on the very top was an Argo Navis weathervane. I remember looking at the ship turning in the easy Spring breeze knowing we were embarking on a pivotal journey and hoping we were headed in the right direction.

Our school is named after Argo Navis, The Ship.  A symbol for all our students to follow their passions, dare to step into the unknown, and nurture their dreams.  The journey will be challenging and the lessons meaningful.  There will be times when our students will look inward and times when they will rely on their community to navigate their world.  An Argo Navis student knows how to face real-world obstacles. They are Pioneers, Inventors, and Explorers always learning and always observing.

In Ancient Greece and Asia Minor stargazers would see Argo Navis sailing westward in the sky, and eventually named this constellation after the celestial ship.

Let this constellation and Argo Navis itself serve our students as a constant reminder that life is an adventure, filled with possibilities limited only by one's imagination and determination to succeed.



elcome to Argo Navis!

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