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Sibling Application

We are all about families.

And we like to consider ourselves as part of your "extended" family!  If one or more of your children currently attends Argo Navis, we want to be sure to give their brothers and sisters the same opportunity to explore and discover and find the same joy in learning as they have!

By filling out the "Sibling Application", your additional child(ren) are placed in a special reserve on our Waiting List to give them a priority placement at the school when a spot becomes available.  Applying here also helps us to keep a tab on siblings as they grow older to be able to plan appropriately for their coming placement, and within a timeframe that is suitable for the parents.

*Registering your additional child(ren) here does not obligate you to enroll your child(ren), nor is it a guarantee of placement.  The Registration process continues to be the same for all children before enrollment, and is also based upon an initial meeting between your child(ren) and school administrators to ensure that Argo Navis is a good fit.  Currently, there is no tuition discount offered for siblings.

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