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How Long Does it Take for Students to Become Bilingual and Biliterate?

Being bilingual opens a gateway to a myriad of cognitive, cultural, and professional advantages. The benefits extend beyond words, shaping a multifaceted skill set that enriches personal experiences, facilitates meaningful connections, and opens doors to diverse opportunities. But how long does it take to achieve this invaluable asset.

According to this article, Language Acquisition: An Overview  from Colorin Colorado, a bilingual site for educators and families of English language learners

"it takes between five to seven years for an individual to achieve advanced fluency. This generally applies to individuals who have strong first language and literacy skills. If an individual has not fully developed first language and literacy skills, it may take between seven to ten years to reach advanced fluency."

And what does it say about bilingualism in the younger Years

Does providing a bilingual education to a child early give them future benefits? This article from the National Library of Medicine explains the pros and cons of bilingual language acquisition in young children.

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